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For Applicants

For Applicants


Making the decision to immigrate to a new country is an exciting milestone in life. We personally understand how important it is that you feel your attorney is knowledgeable, detail-oriented and caring. That’s why at Naidoo Law we take the privilege of serving as your immigration advocate very seriously. We have helped more than 10,000 people come to work and/or live in the U.S. over the past 20 years. 


Here is what our clients have to say about working with us…

I had the pleasure to work with Kamlesan on my H1B application as well as my Green card application. I was so impressed and pleased with how he handled my H1B application that, when I was switching my employer, I specifically requested to hire Kamlesan to handle all my immigration papers even though my new company had their own immigration lawyer. I highly recommend Kamlesan for all your immigration needs.
— Derya

I would definitely recommend Kamlesan Naidoo as an attorney. My H1B extension got denied through different attorney then I approached Kamlesan. He filed my extension with proper documents and got through H1 with extension. He is very quick and provides clear information.
— Sridhar

Mr. Naidoo handled my case in a way I hardly had to think about anything and for a very fair fee. He took care of everything, always checking-in with me, explaining things in a clear and easy way and not using obscure attorney language. He has helped me with an H1 visa and H4 visas for my family. He has also handled my employment based green card case in a very professional manner. He is also handling H1 visa and employment green card cases for my co-workers. I would highly recommend Mr. Naidoo as immigration lawyer without any doubt. Above all that, he’s a really nice person that treats you like another human being and not just a case.
— Rajesh


What to Expect

At Naidoo Law we provide complete transparency with our clients about how the process works and what will be expected of them in order for us to successfully serve as advocates on their behalf. We will clearly explain everything to you every step of the way. Here is what you can expect from us in four simple steps:

Every situation will be somewhat unique with various levels of time and energy required to submit the appropriate documentation, but we always work as efficiently as possible so that you know where you stand as early as possible after we begin the process. 

For additional insight into the process, please download our FAQs for Applicants HERE