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Case Study: Untangling A Challenging Situation

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A medical device company that enables physicians to monitor heart rate variability to help patients manage issues such as diabetic neuropathy had very specialized talent on their team from Russia who were PhDs and MDs. The company had been acquired and 90 days post-acquisition the leadership team discovered issues with the visas for three of their nine employees and needed an expedient resolution.

The company interviewed three law firms and decided to work with Naidoo Law because of Kam Naidoo’s integrity, experience and compassion.

The three specialists had very high anxiety about the situation having moved their entire lives to the U.S. to do this important scientific work. There was a language and cultural barrier to overcome. John Sanders, CEO of the company shared that the only reason why the situation ended-up working was because Kam is also an immigrant and was able to bond with his employees in a way that established trust. He created a bond with these three individuals and their family members that enabled the company to resolve their visa issues with Naidoo Law’s assistance despite some critical hurdles along the way.

These established relationships also made it a much smoother process for the company to recruit other candidates from Russia who they needed to work on advancing the technology.

Sanders highly recommends Naidoo Law to friends and colleagues in his network after working with Naidoo Law for fourteen years with a 100% success rate for managing his employees’ immigration cases.


Jacqueline Chen Valencia